Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

I haven't posted in a while because it's been so busy around here...I'm so ready now to get back to my crafting!  I did however finish a couple of Christmas items that I am going to post today.

The first one is a few of the Bottle Brush Christmas Trees I made.  I found these on Pinterest, of course!!!  I Love Pinterest it's so addicting and fun to search.  They have so many clever ideas for Holidays, Parties, Recipes, Clothing...almost anything you can think of.

Anyway...I saw these trees and had to make them...so I made four, three silver and one gold.  The picture is just the three silver trees of which one is made with silver, blue, green and white, and the other two are made with silver, pink and white.  The gold one was made using gold, red and a tiny bit of green, it's very lovely but my daughter took it home before I could get a picture of it!  All of the items came from Michaels Craft Store except the silver and gold bottle brush trees, they came from World Market.  All of the items are hot glued onto the tree.

Here is  a picture of the silver trees...

My Recipe for the Bottle Brush Trees:

     Hot Glue Sticks

     One Bottle Brush Tree from World Market either in silver or gold.  They come on a round wooden stand which I cut small enough to fit into the tea light holder.  Then I hot glued it into the tea light holder cup.

     One Tea Light Holder Cup in either silver or gold.

     Small and Tiny Christmas Ornaments in your chosen color scheme.  I used 10 small ornaments, 7 extra small ornaments and 6 tiny ornaments.

     I also used...20 silver and white berries cut from some Christmas sprigs, 10 metal pieces consisting of flowers, a snowflake and a butterfly, 5 clear mini bead balls and 5 pearl beads.  One silver tree has a string of pink tiny pearl beads wrapped around it and the gold tree had white tiny pearl beads wrapped around it.

Please note that the amount of items you may need will depend on how you want to decorate your tree...this list is just what I used for one tree.

Thanks for stopping by...
Happy New Year!


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