Monday, February 18, 2013

Candle Stick Jars - Valentine's Day

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This morning I wanted to again share with you my Candle Stick Jars.  I have shared these jars with you before at Halloween when I had filled them with candy corn, added the letters BOO and tied black/white plaid bows to the tops.  They turned out so cute that I decided I wanted to leave them out year round and just change them up for each holiday.  I'll change the contents of the jars and the bows I tie to the top.  Each time I change them I will try to remember to post them for you, they really are cute and make a great holiday decoration.  If you want to learn how to make them click "Candle Stick Jars" on my side bar and you will find the instructions on my original post.

I forgot to take photos from the Christmas season.  I had filled the jars with small colorful ornaments and I tied red/green plaid bows to the tops.  They were really cute and the letters hanging on each jar spelled JOY.

For February, Valentine's Day, I filled each jar with something different.  Jar #1 had pink and red glittered hearts with bows, Jar #2 had pink, light pink sheer and red rose petals, and Jar #3 had multi colored heart gummy candies.  The bows I tied to the top of each jar were all different Valentine themed ribbons.  All of the items I used came from Michaels Craft Store.

This is how they turned out...

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