Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kaelyn's Shutterfly Book - Front & Back Book Covers

Good Morning!

Today I completed the Front and Back Covers for my Granddaughter's Shutterfly Book.  These pages took me a few days to get right but I love how they turned out. 

I started out with three different cover layouts each using a different digital paper collection.  After numerous adjustments, picture changes and font selections I finally decided on these...

The paper collection is from NitWit called Gratitude Collection by Mary Fran's.  I used this collection for both the front and back covers.  The Layout Template for the cover is Well Loved from Scrapgirls by Melissa Renfro.  All of the embellishments except the staples came from the Gratitude Collection. The back cover was made using a family photo and some of the embellishments from the same collection. The staples, which are in a Collection from Scrapgirls called Jake & Emma by Amanda McGee, were added and then I used a style on them called Embedded which makes them seem sort of pressed into the paper the same as a real staple would look.  The style came from Scrapgirls and is called Embedded 1801 by Melissa Renfro.  I also made the book spine using a font called LD Genteel.  The other fonts I used were LD Garbo, LD Artistic and LuzSans-Book.

So here they are...I really do love how they turned out and when the book is printed they even look better!

Book Front Cover
Book Back Cover

Book Spine

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