Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mixed Media Collage Canvas using Shimmerz

Recently I took apart a bunch of old laptop and desk top computers that my husband had out in the garage to be thrown away.  My grandchildren helped out too...and they had so much fun doing it!  We collected all kinds of connectors, nuts, bolts, plugs, pc boards, wires...well you get it, we collected everything we could find in the old computers.  Now I have two containers full of fun junk to use on my mixed media projects.

Today I'm going to share a mixed media canvas that I made following a YouTube video that was posted by Miranda Edney.  You can find her project HERE.  I really loved the Shimmerz products she used so I used the same.  I did try to use a lot of different flowers, wood pieces and mechanical  items to try to make it more my own but the final canvas still looks very close to hers!  I think that's because I used the same Shimmerz products and colors and the same Prima stencil.  Another difference is that my canvas is an 11 x 17 canvas and I think Miranda's is an 8 x 10 canvas.

I do really love it and I was able to use some of those computer parts the grand kids and I collected (which was soooo  You can't really tell they are there but if you look at the close ups you might be able to make out the two small pc boards and a connector.  The pc boards are located under all the other pieces across the top and down the left side, and the connector is on the top closer to the left side of the canvas.  Can you see them???  I think that the fun in using them is that you can't tell where they are but those pieces give the project lots of added texture and dimension.

So here it is, I hope you like it...and don't forget to check out Miranda's blog as she makes the most amazing projects.

close-up of top

close-up of bottom

The Shimmerz products I used are...Cotton Candy Spritz, Pop Art Pink Vibez, Truffle Spritz, Princess Vibez, Patina Texturez, Crushed Coral Texturez, Artichoked Texturez and Tidy Widy Texturez.  These can all be purchased HERE.

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